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Montclair Speech Therapy

Infants & Toddlers

We offer speech therapy, language, feeding and swallowing treatment for infants and toddlers with a variety of diagnoses, including Autism, Apraxia, developmental delays, traumatic brain injury, stuttering, voice disorders and Aphasia.

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Occupational Therapy

Children & Teens

Therapy for children and teenagers focuses on treatment to alleviate communication challenges caused by stuttering or lisping as well as difficulties producing certain sounds. It positively impacts both social and academic experiences.

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Occupational Therapy

Adults & Geriatrics

For adults suffering from strokes, dementia, head injuries and diseases that impact cognition, behavior and problem solving, speech therapy focuses on effective communication skills as well as achieving independence.

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Insurances We Accept

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Montclair Speech Therapy provides private speech and language therapy, feeding therapy, and occupational therapy for infants, toddlers, children and adults with speech, language and swallowing disorders. Located in northern New Jersey, we offer outpatient services for the medically fragile as well as those with moderate and mild impairments.

Our Mission is to provide inclusive, research-based therapies that serve the unique needs of individuals across the lifespan.  We offer creativity, support, applied learning and skill, camaraderie, and compassion as we meet our clients at the start of the therapeutic process and bring them to their goals celebrating all of the steps along the way.

From Vital Stimulation to Oral Placement Therapy, PROMPT and The S.O.S. Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding, we employ methodologies and techniques that support evidence-based practices.

Led by licensed Speech-Language Pathologist Lori Caplan-Colon, Montclair Speech Therapy successfully builds custom care plans that combine specific therapy approaches and techniques tailored to each patient’s needs and goals. We specialize in speech and language disorders, swallowing and feeding disorders, voice and fluency, language-based learning disabilities and cognitive rehabilitation for all ages.

American Speech-Language Association
National Association of Professional Women
Autism Speaks

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  • Amazing place, all the therapists are kind, very professional and super qualified! We are having speech therapy since May (my son was not verbal at all and now he’s starting to attempt signing) and also Occupational Therapy (my son is a real sensory seeker today – thanks to them. He’s much better.) They are a real blessing!!!

  • Testimonial Senior

    Been taking a friend with Parkinson’s Disease for speech and swallow therapy for two months and cannot say enough wonderful things about Lori and her staff. They immediately welcome you and make you feel comfortable, showing the utmost respect, support and accommodation for the client’s needs. The therapists are highly professional and positive in their approach. Thank you Lori, Ashley, Tanvi, Talin and Susan! I highly recommend this practice.

    Kathleen Quinto